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Have you watched the value of your retirement portfolio fluctuate or even decline?

Do you want to control your retirement by making your own decisions about how your retirement money is invested?

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Did you know that real estate is an extraordinary tool used by thousands of people to secure their financial future? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider investing in real estate with your IRA.


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CAPITAL IRA is a self-directed IRA Admin, managed by attorneys with many years of experience in the real estate transactional services industry. We are devoted exclusively to guiding our clients through the creation and management of their self directed real estate IRA's.

Our professional staff members are experts in handling your self directed IRA account as well as the real estate transactions that will take place in your IRA.

We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive and thorough package of services to our clients and navigating the process of building wealth through use of a self-directed IRA.

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There are many reasons
to own real estate in your IRA.

Here are some of the reasons...

  • Real estate can diversity your IRA investment portfolio, especially if it is entirely invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • Your IRA may benefit from positive, tax-deferred growth and cash flow from its real estate investments.
  • Gains and appreciation are tax-deferred until distribution.
  • You can pass certain assets on to your beneficiaries outside the probate process through your IRA.
  • You can buy a retirement property now, instead of waiting until retirement, when real estate will be more expensive.
  • A lender can finance your IRA real estate purchase, leaving more cash assets in your IRA for other investments.
  • You are in control of your retirement money and how it is used today.
  • Custodial and administrative fees are significantly lower for self-directed IRAs than for traditional IRA custodians.

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