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Capital IRA is managed by experienced real estate attorneys and professional staff.

We do all the administrative work, allowing you freedom to direct and control your investments. We do not offer investment advice, allowing you control and freedom to manage your IRA investments the way you want.

Capital IRA provides professional guidance, legal and financial expertise to your self-directed IRA.

We handle all of your recordkeeping and tax reporting. You will have instant online account access and peace of mind knowing that your self-directed IRA is being handled competently and efficiently. Maximizing your IRA wealth building potential is our highest priority.

Our attorneys can also guide you through the actual real estate transaction, and we can provide all necessary documentation, title insurance services, property management and closing services in connection with your real estate purchases and sales.

We are experts in helping our clients to take control of their futures and diversify their retirement portfolios by investing in real estate.

Since real estate transactions within an IRA are often complex and detailed, it is important that you work with an administrator that has professional expertise in the entire process, from retirement planning to title issues, from tax knowledge to investment portfolios.

The legal and professional staff at Capital IRA is uniquely qualified to meet all your self directed IRA needs. We provide exceptional personal service, support and attention to each and every client.

Capital IRA will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your IRA investments meet your retirement objectives.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing that your self-directed IRA is being handled by our experienced professionals so that you can focus on building wealth for your retirement future.


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