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Opening a Self-Directed IRA Account with Capital IRA

1. Complete and sign the Capital IRA Application Packet, which contains:

  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Application
  • 2011 Fee Schedule Disclosure, Disclaimer and Indemnification Agreement
  • Complete and Sign the Limited Power of Attorney (Notary required)

2. Make a check payable to Capital Real Estate IRA, LLC in the amount of $250 to cover the administrative consulting fee. Other applicable fees will be debited directly from your IRA account according to the fee schedules.

3. Return all completed and signed documents to Capital IRA for processing. If you are enclosing a check to open your account, the check should be made payable to Trust Company of America, Custodian for [Your Name] IRA.

Once your Capital IRA Self-Directed IRA Account is established, you will be required to complete a direction form for each and every account transaction, such as investment purchase, payment of expenses, etc.

If you have any questions, please call Capital IRA at 888.996.9899 or email us at

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